Nanny call it quits

: ) The kids nanny or bibik has decided not to renew her contract with us. She's been with us for over two years. She had it easy taking care of just Salma but I guess two is too much for her. Now we just need to figure out what's best for the kids.

Kids are doing well, the updates:
1) Salma terkencing at Lmart. Didn't notice until we were at the checkout counter. She looked moody, jalan pun slow aje. Asked her kencing tempat sejuk or toys. Tempat sejuk. Padanla I noticed a puddle dekat tempat frozen foods.
2) Hanan can roll over!But only from prone position to her back. And when she's in a prone position she can move a little bit to her left and right. She also loves, loves magazines. I guess she likes the colors and texture. Asik keronyokkan Salma's magz, marahla makcik tu.

Ahh...still thinking about life after bibik's gone. November 2008, brace yourself Suria!


Anonymous said…
su...ingatkan abnormal for my kids to kencing dikedai etc...but it seems cam normal for kids...aiman last time (masa kecik2) kencing kat restaurant, supermarket and tragically at the mosque...and his abah had to stay long at the mosque to clean up the mess and make sure that other jemaah nyer air semayang tak terbatal...:) aft that hubby phobia giler and it took sometime gak for him to bawak aiman along for jalan2....serik bebbbbb
k. leni

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