Laparoscopic appendectomy

Another hurdle this year..alhamdulillah. Now kentut pun alhamdulillah, such a blessing! Things that I take for granted becomes something so awesome and brings me to say thanks to my Creator.

Every pain is a blessing in disguise, if you don't think this way then it'll just drive you crazy. I have very low tolerance for pain, haha, so I'll get crazy a lot faster than other people if I don't have this in my head.

I came to the clinic for cir bir and nausea, my stomach was like a washing machine. Pusing-pusing laju speed cycle, haha. It's the third time this year that I experienced this kind of pain. The first time was probably in March this year. I went to the clinic after more than 6 hours of perut pusing-pusing, no cirbir. Just a stomach that's like a non-stop washing machine, I felt faint because I was really tired, couldn't eat a thing. The doctor gave me a jab to calm my stomach but I was still in pain after almost an hour. So another jab, this time Tramadol, a painkiller. Even after the jab it took 4 hours for the pain to go away. Worst pain ever, macam orang nak beranak pun ada! Fuhh.

The following days I took medicine for my stomach, ada lagi rasa macam nak start pulas-pulas and my whole abdomen was so sore, couldn't even lift my legs to make wudu'. Hehe, felt like someone who got a very bad punch to the stomach. The soreness lingered for a few days. 

Lepas tu in May kot macam ala-ala sakit perut ni but less severe. When I started to feel it I quickly took the meds from the clinic.

So this was the third and hopefully last time cause I don't have an appendix anymore! Yahooo!

The doctor tekan-tekan my stomach and I felt sharp pain on the right side each time the doctor put pressure there. So she referred me to the hospital. Ahhhh, what a long journey, sakit ya Allah. Larat sampai Kemaman je. My first time getting treated in a government hospital. While waiting there I kept imagining worst case scenarios. People are always complaining about the bad treatment they received at gov. hospitals. Tawakkal je

We didn't wait long or maybe it was because I went into the treatment room and asked for a bed. 3 different docs (HOs) asked me the same set of questions. Part of their training I guess, all 3 were very kind. I had to wait for the MO to make the decision whether to ward me or send me home. I think we arrived around midnite, by 3:30am I finally got my painkiller!!!YEzzzaaaaaaaa, alhamdulillah, pethidine lagi tu, what a relief. Sian the kids, they had to sleep on the metal chairs, huhu

Long story short, after solat Jumaat three small holes in my abdomen and no more appendix. I got a specialist so I was happy with that, hopefully no HOs played with my internal organs while I was out. ;P

The procedure is supposed to be better than the traditional cut. I think my largest incision is only 1cm and on my belly button. It was for the scope. The other two on my left and right are about 5mm long. It's been a week plus and the pain is gone alhamdulillah. It was quite bad the first few days, I pray that I'll never have to have a c-section!! scary! Siapala crazy enough yang buat elective cesarean. 

Hadi kata the appendix dah bocor sikit, I don't know where he got the info. I'm just thankful that everything went smoothly.

This is the third class ward, the only ward available in Hospital Kemaman. Pengalaman yang menginsafkan. Ramai lagi orang lain in worse off conditions than you. 

All the doctors were nice. The only horror story is one pms-sy nurse that distributed food and just before leaving a mean nurse yang ruined my iv vein. Dia pi tekan kuat sangat, I think it was deliberate sampai kembung tangan. Huhu. I hope my vein goes back to it's normal size. Right now macam ada a short stick under my skin..ewww

Praise be to Allah, I'm alive and well


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