Monday, November 10, 2014

What's in my Garden

Beautiful Gardenias

Roses my favourite  (The house reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy needs a paint job!)
Anak kangkung, I wonder if I can hang this plant later so it doesn't menjalar everywhere..hmm..things to google
My favourite orange rose, I'm not sure of the official name of this variety
First time ever, a cacoon! 
A ladybug, lama tak nampak
And bug infested far no ulat in the bendi

The garden really needs a makeover, the old kolam left by the previous owner is just a breeding ground for aedes since it's wet season right now. Wish I could just call in a landscape designer and have the job done. Wishful thinking....

1 comment:

Ila said...

Su, pokok limau purut ye yang ada cacoon tu?
Ila punye limau purut asik tinggal batang jer...sbb kene makam dek ulat sad...
how to overcome this?