Goodbye Gigi

Kinda early for a loose tooth kan? Hanan kept telling me her lower tooth is loose, but I usually just tell her that in time it will fall off on it's own. Tak payah risau. Last weekend Aishah kot noticed that her new tooth has come out behind her milk tooth. Aiyoo, macam Salma pulak. I don't remember having my new ones coming out before the milk teeth cabut. 

So yesterday I told her I'm going to tie dental floss around her tooth and she can pull it herself if she wants to. She kept saying Tak Nak! Haha. First attempt the dental floss came off, and Hanan just laughed it off. Second attempt, just as I got the knot around the tooth I pulled straight away. Tooth out! Hanan looked kinda dazed when she looked at her tooth because I believe she didn't feel any pain. Haha, mesti tak percaya gigi dah cabut cause Salma always made a scene at the dentist macam sakit sangat. Salma and I laughed while Sumayya kept saying no, no. Then Salma shouted "blood!" Teruslah waterworks from Hanan =)
 Dazed, confused and sad

One out, how many more to go?
New tooth out
Happy rongak girl =)


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