Bagan Lalang Beach

 Nice color? ;P The beach is very landai, jauh orang berenang.

 Thaqif's first ever trip to the beach!!

 Thaqif: Please let me go!!!I want to eat sand. 
Maya loving the beach, buat macam rumah sendiri

 What's for tea? A squashed crab? Sedap sangat bau bbq orang lain. harummm. we arrived quite late, nearly 5pm baru sampai. The others looked like they had been there since morning. They've got their tents, bbq pits and the nice spot under the trees.

 Yay! Mama, please bring me jalan-jalan lagi

 Haha, I thought she'd be a little hesitant since the water was kinda murky. Tapi budak ni terus pusing-pusing and baring-baring suka hati. Haha. Such a joy to watch. This is actually her first time swimming at the beach. The other times just celup-celup kaki and playing with sand. I bet she thought it was a hugeee swimming pool since the waves tak kuat langsung.

Read some good reviews about the restaurants in Bagan Lalang but since we came here without really planning the trip we didn't stop for dinner. Karang tersesat-sesat with 2 babies and 2 hungry kids, uhuh, we'll save it for next time. Overall it was a fun trip!! Bagan Lalang is only an hour away from Bandar Seri Putra so we'll definitely go again. Hadi tak puas hati tak sempat fly the kite =)


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