Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Washing machine amok

Baru je positive about the washing machine sekali it went on a non-stop cleaning cycle..2 jam pun tak siap..hahah. When I tried the second load everything was back to normal :)

Yesterday we went around BSP, most of the shops are small sundry shops, kedai alat tulis ada banyakkk and small restaurants. So far we haven't found a nice place to have dinner, tekak pantai timur kot :P Hanan asked for a big apple donut when we were cruising around yesterday. I almost laughed tapi kesian makcik ni..but Allah is kind, Hadi stopped at a gas station for my touch n go card and bought some donuts without me telling him about Hanan. Happyla dia, she ate two.Our tekak mat salleh pulak was craving pizza yesterday but Dominoes does not deliver to BSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a shock..haha. This is the ultimate kampung life

Salma pulak on Hadi's first day to work tanya, "Mama pergi mana malam-malam ni?" Hehe, Hadi leaves for work really2 early in the morning, the moon is usually still glowing in the sky.It's either that or go through the jam kan?

To new surprises and adventures...weehoo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Blogging from our new home :) Sambil nyamuk sibuk2 nak gigit - our backyard is a mini forest

Loads of stuff to unpack despite putting away 10 boxes for storage!

Yesterday the girls were riding their bikes in front of the house when Hanan came to me complaining Babah tak bagi naik bicycle pergi park. Hehe, sian dia. She's so used to riding the bike on our street, pergi park, pergi rumah Kak Nah yang jual ice-cream batang. Tiba-tiba nak cycle in front of the house pun orang dah freak out. It's so different here, a lot of cars and they really go fast!

Can't wait to move to our own house where the kids can play at the park just in front of our house.

Praying that life here will bring us as much happiness as the Kerteh kampung life :)

I miss my friends :"(  but I need to stay positive! One positive thing today - the water pressure to the washing machine is very good!!!!Laju betul, cepatla aku basuh baju kat sini..hehe

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long torso & pregnancy

I was at a friend's house today and she asked me " Su,tak nak tambah anak ke?"
Me: I'm 6 months pregnant!!Hehe

A month after I delivered Hanan:

K: Su, buat apa kat sini, tak kerja ke?
Me: Oh, maternity leave la
K: Ha?Miscarriage ke?(Dgn muka alarmed)
Me: Haha, full term la, perut saya kecik je haritu

Hmm..I guess people look at me and think I'm just fat T_T Btw, 2 weeks ago I was already 59kgs, 7 extra kilos dah, I hope it's because the baby is a boy and not just my behind adding to the weight :P

112 days to go insyaallah :) No idea what to name the baby..any suggestions?hehe

Sunday, April 10, 2011

No complaints

I was googling 23 weeks pregnant when I found this. She was carrying triplets!
No more complaints from me about having no space for my lungs/diaphragm. I think I just need to exercise more and eat more iron rich food so I don't get too breathless.

Less than half-way to go insyaallah!


Yesterday we went to see our first 3D movie @Mesra Mall..nak jugak tau what the fuss is all about. We enjoyed the movie but the 3D wasn't worth the extra moneylah. Salma kept smiling when the movie started because the characters pop out but lepas tu relax je. I prefer the regular kind..first and last :)

When we first sat down Hanan asked "Kita nak tengok Rango?" hehe, makcik blur. She sat through Rango but this time round she was going up and down her seat, suruh orang jaga selipar dia etc. eventhough she still had some popcorn left. Selalunya bila popcorn habis baru start, I guess popcorn has lost it's appeal :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Uh Ah Uh Ah

Hanan (On the toilet bowl): uuhh..ahhh..uuhh..ahhh
Me: Hanan, janganla buat bunyi macam tu!!
Hanan: Nanti o'ok tak keluar, tak jadi
Me: T_T