Sunday, April 18, 2010

Google adsense!

What's up with my google adsense?!

Manala my friends and family nak click on Duniasex and Awekmain!?!?!?

Haha...wonder what part of my content prompted Adsense to display those links..

First day of sports practice for Salma. The sports day is a month away but they'll be practicing every day except Thursdays until the day itself. Hehe..lama betul macam sekolah sukan pulak :) z

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Salma: Rumah kita ni macam shop la mama
Me: Kenapa pulak?
Salma: Yela, banyak orang datang asik buy tudung aja..bila banyak sangat macam shopla
Me: Haha..yelaa

Don't know whether she likes having people come over ke tak..Hanan loves it though :)

I love counting money...ahaha...just kidding :P

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You gotta move it move it....


Hey, we're moving. Tapi lame gile cause not across the country or overseas buat accross the road!

What? We're currently staying at the Petronas staff quarters and they're evacuating at least 40 houses within the year to make room for E1 executives. So like it or not we have to take the house that they're offering, which is in the housing area for E2 and above lest we'll have to look around Kerteh/Paka for another house to rent. Luckily we got the cheapest that's available but still it's RM250 more than what we're paying now!That's eating out and starbucks money!Hahaha..

At least we got to choose between two houses. I found out one was we've chosen the other one which hopefuly isn't :P

On the plus side, I love love love the trees surrounding the houses. Sangat cantik with the yellow flowers, that lightens my mood a bit. Still, it'll be pretty sad leaving the place we've called home for the past 5 I won't be seeing much of my beautiful girlfriends once we've moved. Sedih sedih :(

I hope there'll be a lot of friendly neighbours and not just bibiks to talk to. Gonna miss my sembang-sembang tingkap/petang sessions...wawawa..

Weh, tak pack pun dah emo!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hanan pelat

Hanan: Ada bug! Ada bug!
Me: Salma, help adik tu..
Salma: Apa october?
Me: Hahaha...ada bug laaa

Hanan talking to herself

Hanan: Adik buat apa tuuuuu?...Hanan Sara buat apa tuuu?...
(haha...using the same intonation I use)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hutan Lipur Air Menderu

It's about 30mins from home. We've been in Kerteh for the past 6 years but yesterday was the first time we went there. Haha..teruk tak?

Once we got there I realised that I'm not a waterfall kind of person. So no regrets of never making the trip before. Even Hanan didn't want to dip her feet in the water. :P Salma was more adventurous and wanted to go for a swim. Tapi baru celup kaki, we saw a FROG jumping nearby!I HATE FROGS!!! we got out of the water and just sat at the bench eating chips and chocolates. Boringnya we all nih..

The place was filled with litter and the water was kinda murky. I kept thinking a frog might jump me. It wasn't a pleasant experience. Hehe. Maybe if we went there earlier when it's reaallly hot I might consider taking a dip in the water. We went quite late arriving there close to 6pm. It was still sunny but not hot enough to tempt me into the water. Bloody frogs!

We ended up eating snacks and snapping pictures. We'll stick to the beaches lah :)

Friday, April 9, 2010


I was in the bathroom

Me: Hanan, tengah buat apa tu? (If they're too quiet I always have to do this, usually there's something I do not approve going on)
Hanan: Draw circle circle (She had her notepad in front of her before I went in)
Me: Okay...good

Only to come out of the bathroom to find her covered in circles!!!

Salma: Jom tangkap gambar Salma pakai tudung
Me: Ok...
Salma: Not this tudung...
Me: Takpela...try je
Salma: This is stupid
Me: $^&%&^ . Why is it stupid?
Salma: I don't like this tudung
Me: Haha...mama pun tak suka tudung lilit-lilit!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tudung craze

Salma was watching cartoons on the computer

Me: Jap salma mama nak check something
Salma: Ooo, mama nak check tudung ye..
Me: Hahaha

I've been so preoccupied with it sampaikan Salma pun noticed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy as a bee

My business is keeping me pretty busy but I love it!

After more than two years I finally slept through the night. Blissful! I woke up to my alarm! Terkejut ok..usually Hanan will wake up at least once for breast milk. I hope she will stick to this, not waking up at night. Heavennn...sweet heaven babeh!!

Breastfeeding mothers surely can relate to this.

Updates on Hanan:
1) She can jump! It's so funny! I'll upload a video of it
2) Can string 5 words to form a complete sentence. The other day she called out "Abang Ayim, abang ayim, buat ape tu?" Fahim was riding his bike and tak faham langsung. Haha
3) Loves drawing
4) Loves "roti anai"
5) Count to 10! She likes playing hide and seek..pandai nyorok pulak tu!Mama dia pun tak dpt jumpa..haha

Apalagi ye? I'm bad at remembering things!

Updates on Salma:
1) She's learning how to read
2) Asik report je who's naughty at school (just like me dulu-dulu..must a trait of a first born child)
3) Managed to swing on the monkey bars a couple weeks ago
4) Finally is good at pumping on the swing. Now I only have to push one kid :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

On the way to KL, I never thought there would be a time in my life where my husband takes pictures at R&R area. Hmm..I guess if frogs pun dah jadi subject I should have expected this to happen

We arrived at went straight to Nandos.
Me: What happened to your fries?
Hanan: Dah kopek dah
Me: $^%$&$

We stayed at The Zon so the kids had some fun time at the pool. The pool was terrible, the casing for the light fell off but the kids didn't mind at all. At least this time the room was free of lipas :)

View from our window. Schumacher was somewhere down there I guess. They had a live performance as well. I had a bad headache because of the noise. Merempit in F1 cars, upper class rempits.

I also had a nice lunch with my girlfriends from Purdue, Atie and Ja. It had been awhile since I last saw them so best gile that we get to meet up :) We had lunch at Santini's, it was a first for me. The mashed potatoes sedappp betul, but I couldn't figure out the secret time cuba lagi!

Fotoshoot at the hotel. Ms Hanan-2 yrs old.

Me: How old are you?
Hanan: Old dah!

Wacky face. Salma - 4 1/2 yrs old

Spot Salma! Shopping for tudung. Don't forget to buy some at :)

Baby Adam b Sabri - 7 mnths . Cute little baby! We had lunch at their place in Sunway and everything was soo good. Glad we got to visit, last time jumpa was ages ago.

I loved this trip cause I get to meet up with friends! We rarely get the chance to do this

Hadi daydreaming sekejap, hehe. Dreams can come true bebeh!

Before she slipped and fell onto the icky slime

We had dinner here but weren't allowed to take pictures inside. Food was great but priceyla jugak. The waitress was always standing close by doing nothing..agak rimas. Maybe if they don't have the standby waitress they could cut down the prices :)

Baby Ahsan. The reason we came to visit. Manchester mari

Tok Ki is always out to get me! Kids and their Tok Ki, all baru bangun tido. That's Ahsan's big brother - Ahmad

Then it was time to go home...Salma had a fever but all was under control. She didn't want to eat anything but oreos so I gave her some in the car. When we arrived in Kemaman for lunch she had something to drink, baru one sip she vomited black gross it was like a zombie movie. She's okay today..alhamdulillah, for fine health and the nice trip :)