Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tua doh

It's hard looking at your pic when you're older. It's really disappointing when you see a makcik instead of what you imagine yourself to be. Haha..over okay but sometimes I feel like that. When I look at my photo and the first thing that pops into my head is "gile makcik".

A couple months ago my bro in law's maid asked me " cik su sudah 30 puluh ke 30 puluh lebih?" WArhg...sib baik I'm going to be 30 next year and bibik tu is really nice, so haruslah dimaafkan but still it killed my mood..hehe. Sungguh emo talking about age ni

I'm just happy that Hadi had grown 2 helai uban(terus cabut bila jumpa ok) so it's assuring that I'm not the only one who's getting older :)

Sometimes I feel like telling ppl that I'm older that they'll think I look good for my age, then I saw Motherhood (do not watch this movie!soooo boring) and Uma Thurman in the movie did the same thing!Hehe

Just need to be more thankful that I don't look 40 :P


himey said... bukan nak bodek utk dpt diskaun tudung ke ape ke..hehehhe.. u don look old . i probably havent told u this but, i think u are the most pretty sempoi woman i sempoi i mean effortlessly pretty.. i havent known u all my life ( i think dr 2004 je)but then again u dont look old

suria said...

hehe..tak nak publish td sebab ada ayat bodek tapi ada hamba Allah yang takde blog tu approve..hehe..thanks a lot! :D

himey said...

ahhaha.. ape la su ni ni bukan ayat bodek tau nak diskaun hehe

Nurul Ulfa said...

su..u still look young and pretty...since i know u mmg lah u nampak lagi tua sbb kita kenal dari sekolah kan..hehe..
tapikan its truelah mmg terasa kita nampak tua (essepcially bila nak hit the 30s) keje I yg deal with people age 18-23 memang tak membantu...I feel that I am old fashion n look old (student skrg bergaya)..but everytime if people thinks u the student instead of the lecturer tersenyum juga..tapikan my hubby usik I di samping nak rasa happy yg kita nampak muda kena think again ntah2 kita tak nampak matured enough to be a lecturer...huhu..(I tau itu ayat jealous dari dia)..hehe..

suria said...

haritu pun ada customer over the phone tanya kerja ke student?haha..that made my day.

takpe,kalau nak nampak matured pakai je spec tebal2 :)

ijannina said...

Sue! you never looked old to me!!! Honestly. Maybe 1st impression some people kot coz you have mat salleh gene, and truthfully they have more matured look. Apa pun memang betul you are effortlessly pretty just by being you:).

lucky said...

you dont look old at all! and havent u heard, 30 is the new 20.. so, we are young! hehehhe

-dora -

suria said...

hehe,thanks i understand why ppl have mid life crisis! :P