Monday, July 12, 2010

Salma's Sports Day

Still fresh and excited!
This was at 2pm, siapala had the 'brilliant idea' to have the sports day tengah panas-panas terik :P

The ever cheeky Hanan. Luckily there were big trees around the field so we all bentang tikar and lepak-lepak

Hehe..muka penat, and she hadn't even started her game yet. This year she played the ice-cream game, she was really fast but her team got 2nd place. There were only 3 teams so everyone came home with a trophy :)

Yay! Rumah Biru!Happy sebab nak balik!!

Even though she didn't play any games..she was the first to kong!

The highlight for both kids were the helium balloons we bought there, kaya pakcik pasar malam tu. Every kid wanted a balloon sampai habis gas pakcik tu.. :) We then had dinner at McD and I need to record this - first time Hanan and Salma didn't sit next to me. Salma asked her sister "nak duduk sama-sama tak?" they then happily sat across from me, sitting side by side. BEST GILER!!Boleh eat in peace :) But only that once, now it's back to normal. Would a boy prefer to sit next to the dad or mommy jugak? If daddy then I want boys la lepas ni..eheh

Everyone in the house just loves me and can't get enough of me :P (I wonder why). Can't imagine what it'll be like if there's another baby. There won't be enough me for ME!


noorulhawa said...

wah nak tambah boys!! hehehe kadang2 rasa ME TIME dah tak wujud dah kan.. sarra plak suka duduk dengan ayah dia.. maybe sebab ayah dia jaga dia fulltime masa baru sampai oz dulu. depends la kan.. nway gudlak! :P

ijannina said...

oh no ashman was very manja even he is a boy! but u can try your luck;)

hleni said...

tan skit muka salma:)))
kadang2 pikir2 tensen keje,ingat nak duk umah gak macam su:)) tapi tak berapa afford financially with so many hutang huhuhu