Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kids at Tok Ki's house

It's been awhile...no time to blog!Every time I turn on the computer Hanan would say e-yo,e-yo. She likes to watch Barney's I love you video and the Wiggles. I always end up dancing to the Wiggles instead of doing the tae-bo clips I downloaded from youtube. I'm so unfit that even the Wiggles pun dah mengah :P Haha.

Pics are of the kids at Tok Ki's house in Kuala Terengganu. Kids are wearing dresses by auntie Wan. She's given the kids four each..Salma sangat suka and even wears the dresses to bed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Salma goes green

Adik copying Salma..and there's Hanan's new guitar. Bought it after the visit to the hospital. Hanan would make me play the guitar and sing
Hanan: I yau you
Me: I love you...you love me...
Hanan: Roun roun..
Me: The wheels on the bus go round and round..
Hanan: e-i-o
Me: Old McDonald had..
Hanan: Tittle tittle star
Me: Twinkle twinkle little star...
Hanan: I yau you...

She never lets me finish!hehe..
Salma's new look for next year...green!We picked up the school uniform early this week when we went for registration. She'll be wearing baju kurung and sports attire during the sports day I guess. They offered pinafore but only for non muslims, I was hoping she could wear that. I don't like the idea of her wearing baju kurung everyday because it means that I need to do more ironing! :P I think the kids would be more comfortable wearing the sports attire aje..and Salma really loves it because of the rainbow printed on it. When I said I wanted to take her picture, terus pose but with her back to me...hehe. She's currently obsessed with rainbows and anything pink!
Hanan's really good at peeling eggs. That one was for Salma's breakfast. Tekun betul :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hanan & the wiggles

guilty as charged

Kesiannnnn Hanan. Guess what I did? I accidentally smashed her fingers in the door! We were going out for breakfast, I saw that she had her hand on the grill so I closed the door slowly and I guess that's when she moved her hand! She screamed and I screamed. My heart almost stopped. We rushed to the clinic, two fingers were caught in the door but only one was hurt. The base of her finger nail got above her skin so we had to go to the hospital to get it fixed. The doctor had to pengsankan Hanan with gas before the procedure so I didn't have to stay in the room. Kesian that I had to leave her but I was also glad cause I was getting dizzy. Imagined if I also pengsaned?? When there's a likelihood of blood, I over imagine things and get myself dizzy. Alhamdulillah I didn't slam the door which would have resulted in something much worse...we went to the doctor again today and there's no need for the bandage anymore. Hanan uses her fingers ok when she has the bandage on but whenever it's off nangis je cause she doesn't like the looks of it kot :) Purple and yellow from the antiseptic.

Hanan is so resilient and was such a good sport throughout. I should learn from her... :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Salma's recovering from a cold

Salma: Mama!Hingus Salma dah hilang
Me: Yay!Dah baik
Salma: Hingus Salma dah jadi stones
Me: Hmm?!Tahi hidungla!
Salma: Like rocks!!Strong,strong,strong! (I think she meant hard)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I just finished reading this book which I borrowed from the library..best jugak. It's a compilation of 4 short stories on women in the 1800's. I'm used to reading horror and thrillers but since I don't have much choice at the library, I've been reading just about everything. When I finished the book I saw the ad for other books by the publisher and I just realized that I had read a Christian romance novel..hehe. No wonder the characters were always praying!Loved the book...people in the 1800's are nothing like the MTV generation of today. No booty shaking, breasts baring girls in that century, well, maybe not in public anyway :P

Well, the reason I wrote about the book is because the characters kept eating biscuits!!Breakfast..dinner...hehe. I just had to have some myself...dengan cuaca yang sejuk memang sedap makan biscuits and jam!Don't you think?It's not a healthy food choice but it's absolutely delicious. So I made a batch (I like the recipes w/o egg) and ended up eating most of it! Gemuklah saya, cause the characters in the book had to wash laundry with their hands and had to do chores at the farm..I just picit-picit button on the washing machine..huhu

I will come out of this monsoon auditioning for Biggest Loser Asia II!

Hopefuly not!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tok brown

Me: Mama miss tok lah
Salma:Salma pun miss tok yang color brown tu
Me: Hmm?Ada yang white ke
Salma: Ada..yang tok mama yang color white tu...

Gambang Waterpark

After weeks of hearing Salma's daily whining about wanting to go to The Zon and Sunway lagoon we finally took her to Gambang Waterpark..hehe..it's definitely isn't sunway lagoon or The zon which she stated the moment we arrived. She didn't want to come out of the car..boleh tak? After a few minutes of coaxing/threatening to leave her in the car, she relented and ikut.

Really didn't expect the huge crowd as it was the day after raya haji. Shouldn't people still be in their kampungs? Tickets were about half the price of Sunway Lagoon's...RM19.90 for adults and for Salma slightly lower, Hanan got in for free. After about 20mins queing for the tix we finally got in..if you're going don't pack your lunch..no outside food and drinks allowed!I managed to smuggle some crackers and cookies for the kids and that was a smart move. Hadi had to stand in line for almost an hour for food. Haiyahh..if you won't let us bring in food you should at least provide better service!

Okay...tu je the bad stuff...hehe...the kids enjoyed the place and so did Hadi and I. We had nice sunny weather then petang sikit it was slightly cloudy. Hadi managed to get sunburned as he forgot to apply sunblock on his back..kasihan..and I got slightly burned myself because I applied sunscreen that wasn't waterproof!Haha..after an hour in the sun and while reapplying sunblock on the kids I noticed WATERPROOF printed on theirs..haha..barulah I realized mine wasn't.

The park isn't as big as Sunway but good enough for us. They had a couple of the big slides, one family raft slide, kiddies pool, slides for kids, a 'beach', a river - u need to use a tube, and a couple more pools. Our fave was the beach..haha..we have a beach at our doorstep tapi pegi enjoy dekat artifical beach pulak. Overall it was a fun, fun day day despite discovering a kid's stool on the beach!Haha..sungguh gross kan?:P Not from my kid!Must be some kid wearing shorts tu yang tercicir. Uhh..to think I almost stepped on it..pengsan!

Will definitely go again but not in the near future. Salma needs to be at least 110cm so she can accompany me on the big slides :)

Fighting over who gets to sit on the tube..huhu


TMC/Giant has finally opened its doors in Kerteh's Mesra Mall. I'm spoilt for choice!Banyaknya benda boleh beli without having to go all the way to Kemaman or Kuantan. Like my friend said..tempat perabih pitis..hehe. Though now I miss having Mesra Mall all to myself, the place is now so crowded!Now I have to watch where I'm going if I don't want to collide with another person..dulu boleh jalan menonong without anybody in the way..hehe. I hope during workdays the mall would be deserted like it used to be..hehe.