Friday, November 27, 2009

The kids' fave place in Kerteh

Salma: Nak pergi cluuub
Hanan: Gi cluuuubb
Salma: Salma nak swimming dekat club
Hanan: Wimming cluuubb
Salma: Salma nak cluub
Hanan: Nak cluubb

When you have one kid whining that's bad enough..but two?!'re most likely to give up and give them what they want, otherwise you'll just get yourself a headache. The kids love the swimming pool. We only have to pay RM31 a month to use the facilities at the club. Murahkan?Where else can you find something as cheap as this? The pools are okay, they have a big adult pool and a smaller kiddies pool + slide. The gym is nothing to brag about but I haven't been there in ages..haha...don't know if they have new stuff now but dulu-dulu takde benda sangat.

Yesterday we had dinner there. After every meal that I've had there I'll always say to myself that I'll never eat there again. Poyo je cause I'll always forget and makan jugak. The food is terrible because they use ingredients yang tak fresh langsung!!!I had rotten brocolli and some rancid butter yesterday which I had to luek..gross. Siapala agaknya the 'brilliant' chef? The previous meal I had there I got some rotten prawns in my kuey teow. I should complain to the management kan?Hmm...tapi biasala, ada rasa kesian kat tukang masak. Just promise myself I would never eat there again..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Never leave your kids unsupervised or..

you'll get this....

I was cooking in the kitchen and when I came out saw her smearing her face with yogurt..ala-ala mama dia pakai face lotion...huhu...

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hantu kerepek bawang

Taken yesterday nite..pokok cili, will you survive the weather?Our tong sampah pun dah MIA!

It's been a week of rain, rain and moreee rain!Hehe..gelak dalam tangisan. It's been truly depressing but I was lucky to have my sisters here, ada geng and the kids were happy with them and didn't mind so much being stuck indoors. Since I had help we were able to go to the mall and Mcdonalds (best gile ok!!!:) )

Yo and Aishah are now on a bus to Kajang. The kids kept shouting their names from the car but it was raining, so Cik Yo and Cik Shah tak dengar. Salma asked "dia tak bye ke?" dengan suara sedih.

With the cold and rain comes non stop eating untuk panaskan badan (or whatever). Hish..I'm packing on pounds!Need to go to the gym..nope, maybe get Hadi to download some taebo videos for the kids would love it sebab ingat dancing

Rain rain go away..come again another day :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunway Gagoon and The Zon

Sempurna Resort

The hair that mama trimmed

The bangs that got butchered by the mamak!

All the way to and back from KL Salma kept saying "Salma nak pergi Sunway Gagoon and The Zon" macam a broken record. She kept repeating it over and that we're back in Kerteh I thought she would stop but noooo..siap packing stuff lagi to go to Sunway Gagoon tu! So we're planning on going to a waterpark in Kuantan this cuti raya.There's the big Gambang Waterpark and then there's another place called Sempurna Resort which has a nice kiddies pool. Haven't decided on which one to go to, Gambang looks a lot more fun but semestinya my husband prefers the cheaper one..haha. We'll wait and see...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rainy days

This is what happens when she wakes up at 6:30am, kong by noon!

Look at Hanan duduk bersila!

Nothing much happening here as we're mostly cooped up because of the rain. It's lovely that they're not being picky with food during the rain spell. Lovely because I don't have to wait so long for them to chew their food. Hanan's usually ok..Salma's the one that's terribly picky. Her favorites are fried chicken (chicken kulit - must have skin or celup tepung), broccoli,cauliflower, cheese, fries and of course anything that is sweet. Anything else must be spoon fed or i need to bribe her with cartoons or candy. Hanan eats almost everything, even kerepek pedas pun makan.

Salma's been waking up earlier than usual. That's really good as she'll be starting tadika next year and will need to leave home by 8:15am. So ni nak try maintain bangun awal so that I don't have to deal with morning tantrums later on :P

Monday, November 2, 2009

The swimming fanatic

Hanan's a swimming fanatic. She loves wearing the floaties and swimming suit at home in the hopes of getting herself into a swimming pool. We finally took the kids to the swimming pool at the club last week and they really enjoyed it..ada slide..wohoo! We used to take Salma when she was younger but stopped when we noticed that everytime after a swim she'll develop a fever. Yela..mak bapak bagi je kids with hingus swim in the pool..very selfish!!Anyway, this time we tried to be extra cautious so we went after it rained and earlier than most people so we got a fresh pool. Alhamdulillah kids are ok...

Last but not least..tengok pokok cili saya!Membesar bagai johan!The kids have been terrorizing my pokok terung...hopefuly some terung will survive. Yesterday we planted some watermelon seeds and kacang boto. Insyaallah mendatangkan hasil if the kids tak pick the small watermelon and jadikan ball...huhu...i forsee something like that happening!