Monday, June 22, 2009


It's a bit distressing hearing the latest news about Jon & Kate of the TV series Jon&Kate plus 8. First the alleged affair then the media speculate pulak pasal Kate and her bodyguard. I get it that they agreed to sign up for the show to make money to support their kids but once you let cameras into your life memang there'll be no privacy and a lot of papparazis.

If they do decide to split, kesian the kids. But what do I know, probably in the US being a child of a divorced family is more common than having parents who are still married. Anyway, I still think a divorce is just an easy way out for them, they should try and work things out...8 kids!It'll be better for the kids to have both parents under one roof, maybe tak sempat gaduh pun cause they have too many kids..pening2.

I know my sis Yo's boyfriend has a lot of siblings. I always ask Yo how many and I always expected to hear her say 8, because 8 is already A LOT! And always terkejut gila everytime she replied -12!! Hadi wants 6 which is half of that but it's still too many for me. Huhu. I need to have superhero or supermommy powers to handle that many.

I hope that whatever happens to J&K, they will take care good care of their little ones. I know a few women who got divorced and their husbands memang tak kisah langsung. Just go about their lives with new partners tapi anak langsung tak peduli...if you think about how Allah will punish those who abandon their kids..mesti takut nak buat tak peduli ke kan?

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Seems these days NANAK is Hanan's favourite word. I was reading an article about kids Hanan's age saying no to everything and I thought to myself "Nasib baik Hanan tak macam ni". Rupa-rupanya, memang macam tu. Everything is nanak this and nanak that. Even things that she likes, she would first say nanak then would do it anyway. I guess she just doesn't want us to tell her what to do. Boss kecik.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hyatt Kuantan

Wonderful holiday for us - minus Hadi. His company had an event at Hyatt Kuantan and he was part of the organising comittee. He had to work late hours while his family had fun in the sun! :) We got a wonderful room in front of the swimming pools. The kids loved the view plus they had rocks outside that they enjoyed throwing. Downside was that we had plenty mosquitoes in the room.

Kids being jakun in the hotel room
Kids at TC

Small playground at Hyatt (didn't smell too good here) where Salma blew bubbles and Hanan attempted to the same.

One more please. Each kid got a cone. Once we bought one to share with 3 -it was a terrible2 experience

Salma and Ahmad @ TC

Here's Salma and Ahmad playing at Telok Chempedak in Kuantan. Ahmad is Salma's cousin and he'll be here for another few weeks before the family flies back to the UK. I love the first photo, Salma macam pirate dahla baju ada parrot!Hehe..
Belive it or not, it's actually our first visit to TC after 5 years in Kerteh. Didn't know it's a lovely place. The beach is clean with white sand, there's a Mcd, KFC and other smaller food stalls. There's also some gerai selling souveniers and a playground for the kids. Will definitely come back soon....and memang very soon be continued..... :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Produk Kecantikan

Bought my 2 for RM5 magz at L-mart the other day, issue 2007 haha. Well, bila bukak banyaknye ads for made in Malaysia beauty products..brands apa ntah I can't remember. Tapi the spokespersons for all the products adalah the founder or tokey dia dengan make up setebal 3-4 lapis. I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, least tunjukkanlah a natural looking skin complexion dan bukan makeup sampai nampak trang tang tang the shading dekat hidung tu. I find it really annoying...adakah orang membeli these products dengan harapan dapat jadi cam akak yang promote barang tu?Huhuhu..tapiiiiiiiiiiiiii...sangat respect pada akak-akak tersebut sebab ada the self-confidence untuk jadikan diri sendiri sebagai contoh of their idea of beautiful. Memang confident betul. I on the other hand keep worrying about how old I look though asik perasan that I'm 25 je. Bila orang panggil akak tension gile...hahaha.Ada this one makcik ni pernah panggil I akak. We were at Mcdonalds and she wanted the chair on our table, baik punya cakap. "Kak, guna ke kerusi ni?". Sib baik mulut tengah sumbat fries...kalau tak rasa nak flying kick aja (haha...very emo). Usually I would not call people akak but just keep it to I/you sampailah topic conversation sekolah year berapa bla bla. Now I understand how my mother felt dulu kala when people called her makcik. My stand is that you should only call people makcik/aunty only if they can be ur mother...about 20 years older than youlah. Otherwise please don't. Haha...ramblings je nih.

ABC Salma

That's my tired voice..ngantuk but have to layan the two girls :)

Monday, June 1, 2009