busy mother

Another month has passed!Kids just recovered from flu, both parents also kena. I got 2 days off from work. Think it was the first time ever dapat 2 days off because of flu.Thank you DrSuraya,really appreciate it. Why can't all docs be this kind? Anyway, the cuti was much needed, the eLC is freezing cold it can make a healthy person feel miserable, inikan orang sakit, double and triple misery. Salma pun happy that her mama doesn't have to go to work. Lately every morning she wakes up crying and saying, mama tak boleh go to work...huhu

Well, updates :

1) Salma can do buttons!Yipee. There was a dengue scare so I made her wear a long sleeved cardigan. She insisted that it needed to be buttoned,I didn't want to do it, so Salma managed to do a few tho the buttons tak pair betul2 dengan lubang. Well, the cardigan ended up as a required accessory. She wore it for 3 days, day and night until she spilled some ice cream on it. Salma ni suka fashion-fashion pulak. Yesterday she pointed at a pair of pink kiddie boots at the shoe store. Teringin, so I let her try it on. Suka sangat.

2) Hanan has tasted some solid food. The rice cereal seemed a hit, asik nganga mulut je. I must be sleepy, can't think of anything else that's new with Hanan. Sorryla Hanan.


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