Been almost a month since my first post..Hanan's already 3 months! Haven't taken her for her vaccination yet as Salma just recovered from a bad sore throat...tak mau Hanan sakit pulak.Breastfeeding really helps, Salma had swollen tonsils and a very high fever but kept on kissing Hanan...tak pulak jangkit..So thankful that I only had to take care of one sick baby, itupun dah take 2 days off from work.

Anyway, Hanan can hold her head up when lying prone!But only for about 2 minutes after which dia dah start nangis..hehe...Hadi used to do this often dengan Salma dulu...sian Salma kena buli with babah, but now I'm doing it to Hanan!Apada...

Hanan sucks her thumb..aiyoh..hope it doesn't last. Since she's so small, she doesn't have much control of her hands yet...so when she puts in her thumb sometimes she jabs it in too deep sampai buat puking noises. Macam orang bulimic pulak..and sometimes she does vomit her feed. Hanan oh Hanan.

Salma has created herself an alter-ego...the tiger/lion. She can be quite scary impersonating the animal. Can't remember why she started doing this. This little lion likes to cakar people but I already told her not to cakar again. Hope she doesn't forget.

Yesterday we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! Wanted to have a quiet dinner at Awana but we had to bring the tiger. Kalau tak surely merajuk cause both of us had to work during the weekend haritu.

Pray for more happy years to come! Love you beeb


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