Hanan's first chuckle

When Hanan first chuckled I knew I had to jot the ocassion somewhere. Since Hanan's arrival, people have started asking me when Salma did this and that and I've just realised that I haven't a clue. So when Hanan chuckled I made it my resolution to have a journal dedicated to the kids.

It was all thanks to the pink balloon. Hanan loved it when we thumped the balloon on her legs and arms. She chuckled the four times we did it but when we tried again soon after, she only smiled. Guess she gets bored easily.

I remembered Salma's first chuckle. I was driving to work and she was sleeping beside me in her car seat. Suddenly I heard a chuckle and saw that she was smiling. Must've been a funny dream. So it was about the same time that my two girls had a reason to giggle, at 2 months +


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