Friday, March 8, 2013


 Delicious Birthday Pavlova

 The littlest one gets to blow the candle first. Tangan Uncle Om kacau -__- 
 Thaqif trying to make the candle padam using his intense staring technique..ehehe
Thaqif is 1
 Cik Shah with her Nasi Lomak, nuggets & roti jala enter frame
The warrior princess' time to blow the candles!She's 5!
The yellow one is the singing candle!! RM3.90 =)

 Birthday Maya olok-olok! She's fond of watching her birthday video, so kita kasi chance la nak experience it again before her next bday =) Dia yang sibuk nak cucuk-cucuk the candles

 Maya kept taking toys from Thaqif, sorry lil man. Thaqif tengok je present dia

Out of all the presents she received, this one truly surprised her! Huhu, my little girl plays with a machine gun, thanks Yo & Fik.heehhe

This is the funniest picture, Thaqif pouting and pointing at the cake "Hey, I thought it's my Bday" Sorry, too much cake is bad for you so we share ye =)

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