Thursday, August 30, 2012

Side effects from MMR

Sumayya got her MMR vaccination on Tuesday, at 12 months 3 weeks +. Yesterday she felt a bit warm in the morning, by night her fever was 38.3 measured under her arm. She was active all day yesterday, usung the small stool sana-sini nak panjat and make a mess everywhere she went :)

Today she still has the fever, very hot but I didn't take her temperature, just giving her paracetamol every 6 hours. Hanan was the one who noticed the spots on Sumy's palm. I checked everywhere else and found more spots on her feet. Huhu, apakah ini?

When I googled the side effects from MMR banyakkkknyaa scary stories!!! Some reported developing autism, deafness, seizures and macam-macam lagi! Some info here

Praying that she gets better soon and dijauhkan dari all the horrible side effects. I think doctors should give the parents more information on this. Takdela mak bapak terkejut anak unwell right after the immunization!

Update: Had sumy checked,  fever from sore throat, rashes most likely from the jab. Alhamdulillah sihat sudah =)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Funny Sally

 I got this note when I locked Salma out of my bedroom. It was buka puasa time and I had just given Sumayya her bath. Time nak basuh pinggan I saw Sumayya in the bathroom with Salma, Salma encouraging her to play with the hose, habis basah segala!huhu. I was so exhausted and geram! I grabbed Sumy and Hanan cepat-cepat lari naik atas..hahaha...evil mother! I heard her coming upstairs a few minutes later, she knocked on the door a few times but the evil mommy buat tak dengar. Then Salma made fake crying noise (can never trick mommy). Alih-alih she slipped this note under the door,hahahah, it sure made me less angry.

I had been talking about this with Hadi, somebody posted Dr Muhaya's advice that children are the people of Paradise so think twice when you want to yell at them. Looks like somebody eavesdropped on our conversation and used it back against us.hahha..pandai anak mama =)

This one was for the toothfairy. Salma left her teeth for the toothfairy but for two nights the toothfairy tak datang-datang. I've said to her dulu that the toothfairy is not real but i guess dia dah lupa. That night she cleaned her two teeth yg tercabut and told me she'll put it under her pillow everynight until the toothfairy comes and gets them,huhuh.So the next morning before she woke up luckily teringat to take em away and put rm1 under her pillow.hahahah,she was so happy! 

When she got back from school she asked me whether the tooth fairy is real, hehe, rupa-rupanya her friends from school told her it's not. Haha, let's see next time apa jadi..
Geramsssssssss. After buka puasa last night I sat in front of the computer watching this video of her, then cik adik ni datang with poop in her diapers, rupanya she already stamped the floor with her poop from the living room all the way to the kitchen! Diaper bocor!

 Lesson learnt - do not delay your prayers!! hehehe

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ni dia trophy for the bicycle race haritu =)
Hehe, this is a picture of Salma after yesterday's visit to the dentist. Her two bottom teeth had been loose for at least a couple months,tapi tak cabut-cabut. Yesterday dia cakap sakit rupanya her permanent tooth was out! Huhu, never experienced it myself. Cepat-cepat pergi dentist cause the new tooth is really out of place, dah sampai negeri sebelah. So now two out, more to go..hehehe

Salma had to be restrained! T_T Over ok like Mr Bean =)

Afterwards she said she's ok with it and doesn't mind going back to the dentist..hehe..we'll see

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sumy's one year old!!
About 3 weeks ago all the girls in the house kena horrible stomach flu. I was really miserable as I had a fever together with the vomiting and visits to the loo..huhu. First it was Hanan, then Salma and Sumayya, the finale was mommy! (nasib baik!!) Hadi was finally back from Kerteh to take care of me. Anyway, Sumayya refused food for almost a week and lost quite a lot of weight, sian dia. Orang tua-tua selalu cakap kalau sakit nak pandai after she recovered, alih-alih je pandai turun from the mattress. We've been teaching her since forever tapi tak pernah nak try on her own. Baik je sakit she did it like a pro, macam dah biasa buat =) Another skill she developed was blowing, hehe, probably she learned that when she wanted to spit up her meds..heheh..