Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ketotnya anak mama

Tried the's height predictor for Hanan and guess how tall she'll be when she's all grown up?


4 ft 11 inches!

Haha..comel je nanti. I'm 5 ft 3.5 inches but Salma's predicted adult height pun about the same with Hanan. Ni mesti genes from tok ki and tok :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hanan's Birthday party

Posing sekejap before the neighbors arrive..Hanan dah pandai buat the peace sign :)

Our first guests..Harris and Hanin

I'll huff and I'll puff...Secret Recipe's moist chocolate cake, sedap

The aftermath, sepah-sepah and one happy bunny :)

Fuhh...penatnya. I had to take one day off to recover from the all day cooking which I did for 2 days straight. In hindsight, I shouldn't have cooked the laksa penang..hoho. I'm perplexed to why I chose to cook the dish in the first place...guess I wasn't thinking straight. The pasta was sooo much easier to fix and people loved it more!Haha...of coursela because it came out of the bottle...gerenti sedap!

We only invited the neighbors from our street and close friends. Tak larat nak masak byk2. This time round we only had leftover mee laksa and spaghetti. Hmm...can we make laksa goreng? Do you think it'll taste good? Hadi asked me to cut it into small pieces and eat it like rice..haha..I'll serve him that tonite :)

Kids enjoyed the party. Hanan blew the candles (when Salma was two she refused to blow the candles saying it was hot) as she's had lots practice. Overall it was a fun day, hopefuly the neighbors also had a nice kenyang perut visit to our house.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Petronas Twin Towers?

Salma's latest!Inspired by a TV show on the TVIQ channel. It was funny watching her trying to spell Hanan's name correctly. She got confused on how many Ns and As she should print :) And take a look at her name : Zalma..hahah.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Hanan Sara!

Our little girl turns two today :) Usually people would say 'how time flies' atau yang seumpamanya, but I don't feel that time has passed by too quickly. I am very grateful to be able to stay home and be there for her firsts and really get too know her. In fact, I rarely get to 'miss' anything! First smile,first laugh, even the first stool on the floor pun I get to witness, and clean up :P

To our darling girl, we love you sooo much. Thank you Allah for such a blessing. Semoga sentiasa dilindungi Allah. Ameen

Happy Birthday Hanan!!

Secret recipe's yogurt cheesecake..sedap :) The kids really made a mess, our waiter made this face :-o when he saw the mess, he didn't know I was behind him when he turned around...haha...Hadi left him a tip sebab kesian. I get to clean up that kind of mess everyday but no tip maaa..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mari Solat

First step: Betulkan sejadah (surfer style)

Second step: Takbir

Third step: Baca Al-Fatihah

Oopss...lupa pakai tudung.

Hanan has been following Hadi to the surau almost everyday. The dad rajin pergi surau in part bacause anak dia asik ajak. Hehe..even a little child can do dakwah in her own small way. Mashaallah :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday present

Hanan's birthday is just around the corner. I'm thinking of what to get her for her birthday. Last year for Salma's birthday we got her a rocking horse and tent from our credit card points. Lepas tu rasa bersalah because we didn't spend on her I asked her to pick a toy from toys r us. She couldn't make up her mind "Banyak sangat toys, Salma tak tau yang mana satu!" So we came back empty handed. Haha. Same as me, if things are berlonggok-longgok, especially time sale, I'll most likely end up not buying anything!

I get my weekly newsletter for and they have a few suggestions for two year olds:


Her first set of wheels

Dah ada, now she can even use Salma's bike. Dia pedal separuh-separuh but she can make the bike move..if only I can get her to use the handle bars properly, ni asik langgar tembok je :)


All aboard

We've got her tricycle and Salma's bike and scooter outside, I just bet Hadi will give his veto of NO


Set her genius in motion

We've already got a lot at home. She enjoys scribbling :)


What's for dinner?

Yes. This is what I wanted to get for her! A kitchen set but Hadi suruh dia use her imagination and guna all the other toys and create her own kitchen..hoho..true, true. Salma likes playing house and she creates her bed from old cushions and table from a stool. Siap ada tablecloth lagi :) But I love it when Hanan washes her hands olok-olok kat toys r us. Comel!


For beach or backyard fun

Dah ada


Reading treasures

We have the library and borrow new books every week. Jimat :)


The gift that makes a splash

Hmmm...our bathrooms have more than enough toys already!hehe


Tools for the budding architect

Sudah ada


Here we go!

Sudah ada, but she doesn't seem that fascinated with pull toys


Making Connections

She's just started playing with puzzles. I was surprised that she could do some of the pieces unaided. We already have a few at home. Should I buy more?

Banyaknya toys anak-anak saya. They have almost everything but why is it that it's never enough? 8-( Haha..I guess the mommy needs to take it easy!!Hadi mesti totally agree :P

Monday, February 1, 2010


Bestnya if I could sing like them!!Check out their other videos on Youtube :)