Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hanan is now into climbing furniture and messing with electrical sockets (very good with the plugs!). She sometimes throw tantrums but nothing too serious, her usual would be some crying/screaming while trying to do the splits. Mana belajar pun tak tahulah. says we're supposed to be doing these now:

1. Show affection and praise to your toddler for good behavior and accomplishments.

2. Talk to your child about what he or she is doing and seeing. Singing to your child is another way to encourage vocabulary development.

3. Use picture books to enrich his or her vocabulary. Reading books to your youngster will help with language development.

4. It is best to keep rules at a minimum - remove things when possible rather than make issues about them. Long speeches of explanation or argument with a 15-month-old are useless. When something has to be done, do it in a pleasant manner.

5. Discipline should be consistent, but done in a loving, understanding manner. Use the two "I's" of discipline. Ignore and isolate. Temper tantrums, for example, are best handled by ignoring them. If this is not possible, isolate the child by placing him or her in his or her crib, playpen or room for a "time-out." Never use the two "S's" of discipline -shouting and spanking.

6. Positive reinforcement should be encouraged for acceptable behavior. Praise the child for good behavior and build up the child's self-esteem and self-confidence.

7. Your child will begin to experience some frustration. Your youngster will get upset when he or she cannot do something, or when he or she can not do what he or she wants. A child at this age will try crying and screaming to get his or her way, and such protests may become full-blown temper tantrums and breath-holding spells. Trying to reason with or punish your child may actually make the tantrum last longer. It is best to make sure your toddler is in a safe place and then ignore the tantrum You can best do this by not looking directly at her and not speaking to her or about her to others when she can hear what you are saying.

8.Keep family outings with a 15-month-old short and simple. A child this age has a very short attention span and lengthy activities will cause him or her to become irritable and tired.

9. The best toys are stuffed animals, dolls, books and small toys that can be pulled and pushed, filled and emptied, opened and closed. Household items such as plastic measuring cups and empty boxes are other toys your 15-month-old will enjoy.

10. Limit television viewing and do not use the TV as a "baby sitter." Hanan has no interest in watching TV

11. Although hitting and biting are common behaviors at this age, the behavior should never be permitted. Glad she doesn't bite but she hits Salma ocassionally, Salma rarely hits back. Sayang Salma..

12. Don't worry if your child becomes curious about body parts. This is normal at this age. It is best to use the correct terms for genitals.

13.Toddlers may want to imitate what you are doing. Sweeping, dusting, or washing play dishes can be fun for children at this age. Hanan has mixed reactions to the vacuum..sometimes she's scared silly but other times she wants to be the one vacuuming. Apara..

I guess I'm doing everything except the bolded ones..heheh...but not a lot of screaming at Hanan but Salma. :(


The vocabulary for a 15-month-old is usually three to six words that parents can understand and an entire language that they cannot! Hehe..that's funny. Yup, Hanan pun babbles but her vocab pun impressive jugak, lets see... mama,babah,cama,anan(she said it a few times but rarely), cat,dog,sister,air,nak,tutup,bukak,chiyo (cik yo), tok, apa (grandpa), dudu (susu), babu (jambu), babis (habis-yes she puts b in everything),dah, baby, two, tee (three), ball, ak (park), sounds animals make, cicak, ar (car), e-yo (video - she loves watching herself on video), na tu (nak tu or satu, we're still not sure), pray, tetek, op (hop), abbit (rabbit), ish (fish), yues (shoes), duduk, ayi (lari), og (frog), ire (fire), tantik (cantik) and peas (please).

Will be able to point to one or more body parts. Yup…ears, nose, mata, gigi but she doesn’t points to herself tapi orang lain punya.

Understands simple commands ("bring me the ball"). Sometimes she surprises us with how much she understands.

Walking has improved and will begin to crawl up stairs.

Can feed himself or herself with the use of his or her fingers. Hanan loves to eat on her own.

Drinks only from a cup, but still may need help in holding it. Hehe, asik dongak head kebelakang sampai tertonggeng.

Recognizes himself or herself in a mirror.

Indicates what they want by pulling, pointing, grunting and other methods of communicating. Yes, but I recommend pimpin, the easiest method.

Finds an object placed out of sight

Points to one or two body parts

Scribbles spontaneously

Yeay, right on track. Way to go Hanan!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Salma@15 months

Hello!Macam Hanan tak?Definitely more hair on Salma :) Salma's wearing a size M diaper in the picture but Hanan's already wearing L now..maybe we could downsize..hmm

Bored :P

I'm getting bored with the I've taken to rearranging everything in the house. Haha..sian.

Some people commented that they want to stay at home too, I told them work is fun! Apart from reading books and playing with the kids, there's not many fun things to do at home..if you have a bibik then that's another storyla. Though I'm excited to get back to the working life I still cannot bear to leave the kids to be cared by the nursery or some sitter. I'm jealous of Hadi when he goes off to work every morning but I still remember how exhausting it was to go to the office then come back home to immediently take the kids to the park. Before, everything after office hours was about Hanan, Salma & Hadi but no ME time at all. Now everything is a bit more balanced and I love it. But I miss working!

It'd be lovely to get some part-time something where I'll get to mingle with adults and accomplish exciting tasks.

Monday, May 25, 2009

KL Trip

First time posing with the twin towers

Salma's topless because Hanan flushed her bikini top down the toilet!

Bus driver takde penumpang

This is what Tyra Banks in ANTM meant when she said "catch the light" :)). Love this pic!

I've been busier than ever, travel sana sini. But in between duduk lepak je so takdela busy mana. :) As usual we tagged along when Hadi went to KL for his training. We stayed at Equatorial Hotel KL, friendly staff but the hotel looks like it needs refurbishing here and there. Plus room service was a bit more expensive then the rest of the hotels we've stayed at (not many..hehe). Though the have nice comfy pillows (very important!).
Anyway, we were all touristy this time eventhough KL (PJ/Bangi) is our hometown. We're all kampung folks now and visiting KLCC is exciting! The kids loved the hotel or any hotels pun...hyper and tak duduk diam. Highlight of this trip was when Hanan threw Salma's bikini top into a flushing toilet...Salma saw her top being sucked in but couldn't do anything about it...neither could I. It was so funny but Salma was crying, she was so proud of her swimming suit..baru beli pulak tu..heheh...Hanan blur je :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Zoo Melaka

Ahli kontijen

Tortoise with heavy load

Abah, Hanan & monkey?

Beware of mosquitoes

We had fun at Zoo Melaka + much needed excercise. :) Salma's fave would have to be the flamingos but I think it's just because they're pink. The highlight for Hanan might be when Abah fed the monkeys raisins...Hanan decided that the monkeys might like her pau kacang because she threw the pau at the monkey. A wonderful trip but if you're going, make sure to bring insect repellent because the mosquitoes are hungry!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hanan's MAD face

Wonder who taught her to do this....lately, whenever Salma bosses her around, Hanan will give her this look..geram betol! Hehe..but for the pictures dia posing je...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

6 Wonderful Years!

Today's our 6th wedding anniversary! Alhamdulillah, pray for many happy years to come! :)

Love you lots!!