Monday, April 27, 2009

We just love the beach!

Another weekend with no where else to go..let's hit the beach! I didn't realized that the waves are now ok for swimming. The kids would have loved it. Though Salma managed to let herself "accidently" fall down in the water.
Look at Hanan's teeth, she has 10 of them now. Lately she's been giving me a hard time when it comes to brushing her teeth. So, as I did before with Salma, every brush will result in mama making funny faces and wiggling like a worm so Hanan would stay still. Huhu...


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Games to play with your toddler (from

12 to 16 months

Coming to life

Pretend your child's favorite teddy or doll is real — make him walk, go to bed, or dance across the room. Include him in everyday activities — sitting him at the table for dinner, for example, and putting a bib on him. Talking about what you're doing will help your toddler with her language skills. Act out happy and sad times, too, so she can learn about feelings and emotions as she's developing her imagination.

Push me, pull you

If your toddler is pulling herself up and trying to walk, help her practice with a pushing and pulling game. Use a moveable object such as a child-size chair or plastic stacking box filled with soft toys. While she holds the edges for support you can hold the other side and keep it steady. Then slowly pull the box toward you to encourage her to step forward. Soon she'll start to push while you gently pull. This will build her confidence for the day she finally walks on her own.

Clap happy

By now your toddler can hold her hands open, but it may be a while before she claps independently. For now, clap them together for her, or let her hold your hands while you pat them together. Sit her facing you on the floor or on your lap, and sing clapping songs like patty-cake. These will boost her language skills as well as her hand-eye coordination.

Who's hiding here?

Just as she loved peek-a-boo as a baby, your toddler will love to play simple games of hide-and-seek. First thing in the morning take turns hiding under the bed sheets; at bath time, use a big towel. For extra fun and giggles you can gently prod her as she hides. "Hmm, is this a leg? Or is it an arm?" Games like this help teach your toddler that just because she can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there. For a change, while she's wrapped up in the towel, carry her into another room. She'll be delighted when she pops her head out to discover she's in a new spot.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hanan's favourite book..

Hanan loves this book. She'll make a sad face when she sees pictures of crying babies, and copy some of the other stuff like pointing and kicking a ball. I think maybe we've read the book 100 times. I don't know, I feel like hiding this book. Huhu

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gigi sakit

A few days ago Salma got into a little accident with the broom. As usual, she was teasing Hanan. She was doing circles around Hanan while holding the broom which she had just grabbed from her sister. I was at the kitchen when I heard a thud. Rupa-rupanya Salma dah jatuh and she was cupping her mouth. Blood was all over her hand and when I checked her mouth I saw that one of the lower teeth was loose. We brought her to the dentist but by the time we got there the tooth wasn't loose anymore. I don't know how that happened, need to google it up. Moral of the story was to not kacau her sister anymore, but did she learn anything from it?Hm..probably to not run around with a broomstick but she still kacau her sister..what to do?

See, my teeth are intact!
Well, aside from that she's also role playing as a dog...
After her shower..
Me:Salma pakai baju!
Salma: No, Salma kan dog. Dogs like this, tak pakai baju. Don't you know?
Lunchtime, I was frying keropok..
Me: Salma ambil keropok and makan kat depan
Later when I checked, she was eating the keropok off the floor and going woof woof
I wonder why she does this, probably not getting enough attention..sian Salma..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hanan version 14 months

HI!My name's Hanan. Look at my face, it's so sticky because it is sooo hot in Kerteh!

Look at me..I'm a little daredevil. I like climbing things and it makes my mama cwazyy

This is my trusty old car...Salma and I fight over this car all day long..need a second car mama!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jom tido

Hanan had a cold so this was the effect of the medication for her runny nose...tido duduk...the other time she managed to sleep like this was during the Ellen show..hehe..boring ke? Otherwise, her sleeping pattern is predictable..she's such an easy baby to care for, alhamdulillah.

Recently she had been boycotting rice. When I fed her she would just nganga her mulut and let the rice fall back into the bowl. I guess her boycott is over now, yesterday she finished her meal of rendang and nasi dengan cepat sekali..I thought she wouldn't like the rendang but I guess when it comes to food, Hanan is unpredictable.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Salma's new hairdo

Salma's such a drama queen, when she sat in the chair at kedai gunting ERA she made her body shake as if she's shivering in fear. She was a very good girl after I promised her a lollipop for the haircut. I love her more tangles!

Ini pokok cili padi saya..sungguh berjaya!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Salma@Puncak Alam

Alif took this picture of Salma sometime in January/Feb 09. How I wish for a camera like his....beranganla dulu.. :)