Monday, November 10, 2014

Funny Dance by Maya

What's in my Garden

Beautiful Gardenias

Roses my favourite  (The house reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy needs a paint job!)
Anak kangkung, I wonder if I can hang this plant later so it doesn't menjalar everywhere..hmm..things to google
My favourite orange rose, I'm not sure of the official name of this variety
First time ever, a cacoon! 
A ladybug, lama tak nampak
And bug infested far no ulat in the bendi

The garden really needs a makeover, the old kolam left by the previous owner is just a breeding ground for aedes since it's wet season right now. Wish I could just call in a landscape designer and have the job done. Wishful thinking....

Monday, November 3, 2014

Omg first grade!

Hahaha..are we ready for first grade??

Somehow reading this makes me think of kedai mamak ☺

All the best to us!

Sara Thai Kitchen Balok

This little girl is always making faces! Look at the haircuts I gave them, cute or disaster?? =)

Jalan-jalan Kuantan lepas check doktor. Alhamdulillah no need for D&C! What do Malaysians regularly do to celebrate? What else but makan! First round was Baskin Robbins ice-cream, it was the 31st so we got 30% discount. Laju je semua orang makan cause we shared a pint. Maya decided even before we left home that she wanted Purple ice-cream. The only purple colored ice-cream was Cotton Candy( most boring flavor). So the pint was a mix of Trick or Treat, Cotton Candy & Mint choc chip. Caca marba but still so good!!! Nasib baik share ramai cause before we had ice cream I weighed myself and I've gained another kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!warghhhhhhhhhhhh(tapi makan ice cream jugak)

Now I'm one of the women that's just fat but mistaken for pregnant. Haha..last Sunday somebody patted my tummy and asked me if I'm pregnant. REALLY thought it would never happen to me but it DID! Mashaallah :)

I told her I had miscarried (so there's a reason why I have a bulging tummy!) Then she kept on saying sorry, which made me feel sorry for myself! Huaaa, self pity is bad!!! I almost cried there but I didn't. Back home I finally cried but I wasn't sure if it was because of PMS, the miscarriage or because I'm fat, or all of the above!!Hahahahah :P

Anyway, back to food...Sara Thai Kitchen Balok is Hadi's favourite place in Kuantan because of the killer Tom Yam. He really loves it but I'm too scared to hirup the soup. Last time I did it was killer sakit perut!! But it does taste good but eat with caution. Those who are used to eating chilli padi don't need to worrylah.

We had tomyam, sotong celup tepung for the kids (mine is the best, chewah.. I don't like sotong with too much batter), tauhu goreng gajus, kerabu mangga and lala goreng I don't remember.  Semua sedap! I'd like to try the tauhu at home, the combination is so good but must find the recipe first. The lala is fried with some kind of leaf, I think it's basil.

Alhamdulillah, semua awesome. There's another branch in town but I think the portion is a bit smaller. Don't forget to try if you're in town!