Thursday, June 28, 2012

My big babies when they were about Sumy's age..Sumayya macam siapa?

my momey!going to be 11 months soon! she did this earlier today, terkejut saya, sambil2 nak tarik tudung dalam drawers!now she's in the emptying drawers phase. my house is a mess as she takes out everything from the cupboard.

a new skill everyday, tercungap cungap mama dia nak keep up '_'

-says mam when she wants to eat or drink
-said nak a few times
-loves listening to nursery rhymes on my tab, sambil kepala menari nari
-pantang if she sees me carrying a plate, when i sit down she will stand beside me sampaila kenyang, sambil cakap mam mam
- loves holding the fish food container and I don't know why
- already knows what she wants and struggles to get away from me if I take her away from something she wants. I got myself a sprained wrist from struggling dengan budak mimok ni
-loves gadgets! She'll choose a real phone if you make her choose between a toy phone and a mobile. whenever the phone rings she'll put her hand to her ear and say "ahhhh,ahhhh". she almost made me laugh when i was praying by picking up the aircond remote and resting it on her ear saying "ahh,ahh" I guess it didn't work for her so she picked up a toy bottle and did the same.hehe..itu bukan phone sayang
-can say moooooo as in the cow says moooooo
-loves going to the park =)
-loves rice
-her hobby is sitting under the dining table and pushing the chairs out
-can say naan (Hanan), maa (salma)
- yesterday I said to her "cantikla baju sumayya ada gambar cat" then she pointed to the toy cat on the bed..hehe..cute je
- still tak pandai jalan!hehehhe. takpe, i don't know how I'll manage at the post office once she knows how to walk T_T
-anak saya makan kari...ohh yeah =)

Friday, June 15, 2012

salma : cikgu helman garang sgt sampai org takut nak ckp cikgu izinkan saya pergi tandas, sampai terberak dlm seluar
me:haa?dia berak kat mana?
salma: kat jln, tempat kita jalan nak ambil buku
me:ewwww,tahi keras ke lembik?
salma:ermm, tahi terang, nampak mcm golden, tahi emas!
me: T_T

hanan: adik nak hijau lampu
hanan:nak color tu, hijau lampu
me: yaa Allah, tu light green la! hahahah

Monday, June 11, 2012

Yay, saya dah pandai tepuk tangan..mama forgot to teach me this earlier! 9 months + barula saya pandai tepuk =) Now whenever mama says "pandaiii" or "tepuk tangan" I clap..weehuu

I can also go upstairs all by myself! (yeke?) mama will stand behind me to make sure I don't fall down. Now whenever I see stairs I must, must, must try it out :) Visiting has never been more challenging for mama & babah -_- 

hi! look at my teeth :) 2 are out, bottom one first then the matching upper. Atas tu nampak putih je but it's actually just a little bit of one tooth yang keluar and the rest gusi! Her sisters both jalan saing dengan gigi but I guess budak debab ni is taking it slowww..