Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bottom shuffling..that's sumayya's latest conquest!she can also go from lying on her belly to sitting up position.more generous with her kisses.learning to eat on her own, butmost of the food doesn't make it to her mouth.can go forward but not actually crawlin,more of lunging and bottom shuffling.she toppled the trash bin in the kitchen.i think i heard her mimicking me saying bye.loves babies and going outside.we water the plants everyday and she loves getting her feet wet.her hobby? cubit orang!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

my debob

Lamanya tak blog..ahha...I'm back in std 1, most nights I've got to do home work and study :P Salma started standard one early this year, religious school in the morning and regular school petangnya. I get out of the house at least 4 times a day to send and fetch her from school, angkut si debob and Hanan.

Hanan's in kindy and she loves it. I'm paying extra so that Hanan can stay a bit longer in school to avoid moi having to go out 6 times a day T_T. Where are the other mommies? Pindahla cepat-cepat near our house so we can carpool :( The bus service picks up the children way too early. The afternoon session starts at 1pm but the bus drives by our neighborhood around noon! The school is only 5 mins away!Sian anak-anak, sumayya's milestones..hahah..semua tak direcordkan sebab no time. Man, I never expected life could ever be this hectic. Nevermind that...hmm..we were in Singapore when Sumayya first rolled over by herself, mula-mula she could only do it if one leg was on top of the other when she was on her side. She surprised us about a week before she turned 5 months when she rolled over from lying on her back all by herself. Tapi belum master 5 and a half months barulah golek sana golek sini.

She started baby talk when we got back from Sgpore. "MAMAMAMAMBABABBAABBABA" . yesss..she said mama but now it's only "BABABABABBABA"  Now that she's 7 months there's a lot more screaming especially when she's sleepy.

Hmmm, she could sit up unsupported by 5 and a half months. Loves playing with the masak-masak toy. Now at 7 months her hobby is emptying out the toy bin and pulling off the magnets from the fridge.

I started her on solid food a bit earlier than 6 months because she kept waking up more frequently at night. Makan rice cereal and bottled fruits (yes, saya lenyek mangga and pisang je the rest I have no time man). Now she's already eating nasi lembik! Should start making her bubur nasilah (note to self:MUST DO!)

She has a new smile, senyum ketak gusi sampai comel. Sumayya loves to cuddle, her BFF is her grandpa - asik mintak dokong and senyum meleret, now hates sitting in her car seat as I think she's also tired from having to go out 4 times a day,ermm...what else?

Oh..she knows kiss, fish and cucu (susu). A few days ago started making kissing noise :) When we say kiss, she'll lean and kiss you.

She cannot crawl yet but looks like it's gonna be soon as she can go backwards, just a lil more practice girl!

Momok Maya, hmm..must check ada tak jab for 7 months..

I love my baby :-* mwahhh..ahah