Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bobob in the house!

Miss debob, she's so heavy that sometimes I hurt my back while bathing her..huhu. Lepas ni shower jelah baby. Otherwise she's the easiest baby, when we switch off the lights at night she knows its time to sleep. Ever since she was born she was able to drink milk even during let down where the milk flow is very fast. The other 2 girls used to let go and get their faces sprayed with milk...miss debob minum straight je.

She loves going out in the car and dah teman mama beli tudung dah, the first time which she berak on her babah..haha. Habis babah kena her poop! Luckily one of the shops ada bathroom and I ended up giving her a shower there.

She's started drooling (why?) and sucking her fingers when she's hungry. I hope she's not teething..too early for teeth, I do not want to get my body parts injured!

When she's alone she's usually looking at her hands, cross-eyed. Lawak je, she recently discovered her hands no now she's practicing touching toys and her sisters' hair.

Hanan can't wait for Sumayya to start crawling, I told her it'll be sometime close to her birthday. Hopefully Sumayya's weight won't stop her from trying! Hanan had a hard time crawling when she was a baby. I think my milk has too much fat content!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Smelly Sally

Hadi took this pic for her SRA registration form. Next year she'll be in standard one! Tua nya saya.

She's wearing her Al-Fatih tudung, I've only praises for that kindy...bagus sangat. Salma told me she learned how to solat raya and solat duduk a couple months back. Things that we should teach but as busy parents tak teringat pun nak ajar. She's currently reading Malay comics and English books for it that she's picking up the habit tapi suka main computer games jugak!

Hopefully she'll love her new school, pagi petang sekolah, bracing myself for lotsa whining next year.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby ku bibik

Tadi ada part time maid datang rumah. After the maid balik Hanan brought up a silly idea
Hanan: Mama, sama sangatkan baby dengan bibik. Panggil baby bibik lah, boleh mama?
Me: Eyy, mana boleh!
Hanan: Please mama please, panggil sumayya bay-bik!
Me: T_T
 Hanan wearing her fave t-shirt

The other day we were all watching anda ada 60 saat. Hanan semangat je cakap "Mama, adik nak masuk tv ni sebab ada terrer sangat". Hehe, I bet if the show is still on when she's an adult mesti dia pi masuk! Hanan Sara@ 3 +: adventurous, funny, stubborn, wants to be a boy :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our little baby is 2 months +. She's smiling a lot and already has her own laugh which is so adorable. Loves when we sing 'lompat si katak lompat'. She babbles and loves it when her sisters play with her although she finds it quiet annoying when her sisters kiss her non stop. We'll be going to the doctor soon for her 2 months jab, a little bit late as she has the sniffles. Agaknya-agaknya weigh in time berapa kg budak mimok ni..hmmm, my guess is 6.6kg...we'll wait and see..