Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Melaka Oh Melaka...cuti2 malaysia

Melaka Wonderland Waterpark @ Ayer Keroh. The waterpark isn't as big as Sunway Lagoon or Gambang Waterpark. My advise is not to go on a weekend cause it'll be too crowded.

Salma rode on the adult slides...she was always the scardy cat so she surprised us all when she said she wanted to go on the big slide

After 3 hours in the water, we're all hungry and ready to eat some real food. The food in the park was really bad!!Hadi ordered pasta that was overcooked it was mushy!Grosssss..chicken wings were ok, fries je sedap..hehe

We stayed at Hotel 96..hehe..the name screams budget Chinese hotel kan? The rooms were great, it wasn't surprising because we checked the reviews on tripadvisor. Really clean rooms and the rooms also look very nice. It's cleaner than some other hotels we've been too. Don't expect a 4 star hotel breakfast spread though, we had 2 types of fried noodles, 2 types of fried rice, bread, kuih muih, sausages and eggs..ok apa? The hotel is about 3 minutes car ride to dataran pahlawan
We couldn't find any place to eat in town, there's a lot of Chinese restaurants and the malls but we wanted something different. Jalan punya jalan we saw a place in Semabuk that had a lot of cars parked outside the place. Kita pun tried our luck and we loved the place. It's like a mini food court, I ate roti canai and kuah asam pedas ikan pari, Hadi had Yong Tau Fu & Satay and Salma and Aishah had nasi ayam. We couldn't resist the roti john so we had that to tapau. Macam-macam ada. The following night we had dinner in Umbai, the famous place for seafood. It's about 20mins from town, the food was cheap tapi tak sedap macam Kerteh. I think we ate at Sri Kemajuan or something like that, kalau tak pandai masak sayur, gerenti yang lain pun tak sedap. Memang betul! The only thing I enjoyed was the kerang rebus because it tasted so fresh. You really can't mess up kerang rebus kan..sebab rebus je..hehe

This beca ride costed us RM10 for a 5 min trip. Kaya pokcik nih. 

This is Hanan and Ecah on the riverboat cruise..apakah????The sights were nothing to look at..sungguh kecewa. Closer to the jetty they had some nice murals and they had the shops renovated so it would have riverside doors..tapi selepas itu????????Hehe..we saw some stray dogs, that was fun. Some parts of it I felt like we were looking at Kazakhstan or what I imagine Kazakhstan would look like, run down buildings etc.

We also went to the boat museum and Stadhuys, the kids loved going on the boat and cried for icecream and souvenirs at Stadhuys. Overall I enjoyed our cuti-cuti Melaka. Next trip different state pulak. Thanks Mr Kod for a wonderful holiday! :D 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fight Club

Hanan just loves wrestling! Ever since she watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid she's been asking people to wrestle with her. I was shocked the first time she asked me, at first I didn't understand what she wanted when I finally got it memang terkejut and wondered where she learned the word. Rupa-rupanya from the movie. Now everyday she'll say to Salma "Jom main fight-fight". They love it but it always end up with one of them crying :( Tapi cepat lupa and fight again, sungguh tak faham!?!

Other than fighting physically for fun they're also bickering all the time, tis the season (school holidays). I've always wondered why my friends are stressed out with their kids during the hols, rupa-rupanya memang crazy!!!!

Hanan:Salma bad

Salma: No, adik yang bad, tak baik panggil orang bad

Hanan: Salma yang bad, adik good

Salma: Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,adik panggil Salma bad

Hanan: Salma bad, adik good

Salma: Uwaaaaa,adik panggil Salma bad, adik yang bad, adik yang buat Salma dulu..uwaaa

ulang-ulang sampai aku naik gile..ehehehe. They tease each other and drive each other crazy.. They're best friends one moment, the next they're cross with each other. It was never this bad when Salma was at school so this was a first time experience for me!

Yesterday Hanan was lining up fairies and her toy frogs in front of her fairy cottage so I asked her "adik buat apa tu?"


Then she laga-lagakan her toys...ehehe. Hope she doesn't grow up to be a pro-wrestler!

Haritu pun when we registered Salma at her kindy the teacher asked her whether she wanted to join teakwondo, Salma answered no, tetiba Hanan whispered "adik nak" I was clueless, nak apa pulak budak ni...."adik nak apa?"

"Teakwondo" T_T

She looked sad when the teacher said she's too small to join. :)

Can't wait for the end of wrestling season..hehe