Friday, July 20, 2012

sumayya's first choc chip cookie!

 i loveee cookies!nomnomnom

Original recipe here. I think I finally found the secret to super chewy cookies. The original recipe called for baking soda but we didn't have it!I was craving for the cookies, huhu. I googled for a solution and decided to use baking powder to replace the baking soda, just use double what you're supposed to use for baking soda but I couldn't find my teaspoon so I ended up putting almost a tablespoon of baking powder,hehe.

The cookies were delicious, look at sumayya's face! heheeh, I think the secret is baking powder an an extra egg yolk for really chewy cookies. Hmmmmmm, can't wait to try this on my favorite recipe for oatmeal cookies =))))

Friday, July 6, 2012

i have four teeth!i can say dat (jet), de (spider) and ta (cat).

When mama says..
 "call babah" - I put my hand on my ear
"bab nyamuk" - saya tepuk lantai
"mana kutu?" - I pull my hair =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

resepi chilli crabs

Yumsssss,must nor forget this recipe! I was fasting so teringinnnn sangat nak makan chilli crabs. Since I was tired everything was cincai boncai. I think this recipe is Chinese style though I added the udang kering to give it a kick! Ketam berlada lain rasanya

1. Blend 6 fresh chillies + 3 cloves of garlic
2. I tbsp of udang kering
3. About 3 tbsp oyster sauce
4. About 5 tbsp ketchup
Sugar and salt to taste

Fry the udang kering in oil, then add the blended items. Masak sampai masak :P then add the crabs and the sauces. Add water, stir and tutup to let it cook. Add salt n sugar to your liking. Then Nomnomnom =)
This was taken last week. The girls were wearing Salma's old kindy uniform, seragam for the race of the year! hahaha. They had been preparing for the bicycle race since a week earlier. Salma buat trophy using paper cups, ribbons and a box. Last-last lepas race nobody remembered the trophy and both declared themselves the winner, hahah. Nasib baik terlupa trophy so there was no fighting =) Btw, this pic was taken otw to the mall! Race petang but they were all dressed for it in the morning..kidss..